Rotavirus genotypes in stool samples from children in Algeria 2013-2014

D'après la conférence du Dr. KHALDI Aldjia

A. Khaldi(1), H. Aissam(1), M. Seghier(2)

(1)Laboratory of Arboviruses and Emerging Viruses, Virology Department, Pasteur Institute of Algeria

(2)Laboratory of Enteroviruses, Department of Virology, Pasteur Institute of Algeria

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Aims: to determine G and P genotypes of circulating strains of group A Rotavirus in children under 5 years old hospitalized for acute gastroenteritis between November 2013 and October 2014 in Algeria. 

Methods and Results: in Total 152ELISA positive stool samples for group A rotavirus were G and P genotyped by PCR using specific VP7 and VP4consensus primer pairs, respectively; followed by a hemi-nested multiplex PCR for each of above mentioned rotavirus geneas described by Das et al and Simmonds et all. All amplified products were examined by gel electrophoresis in 2% agarose gels stained with ethidium bromide and viewed under UV illumination.

Genotype G1 [P8] turned out to be the mostpredominant (65.13%) followed by G9[P8] (18.42%), G3[P8] (3.29%) and G2[P4] (2.63%). Four samples (2.2 %) were characterized as mixed infections: G1/G9 (2), G2/G9 (1) and G1/G4 (1). Mixed infection for P genotype was noticed in 3 cases (1.97 %); [P8]/[P11] in 2 samples and one case of [P8]/[P6].

Conclusion: this study has shown that Rotavirus genotypes circulating in Algeria are covered by current commercialized vaccines. Genotype surveillance mustbe conducted in countries before vaccine introduction and maintained continuously after implementation for early detection of emergent reassortants that may potentially escape the protection conferred by thesesvaccines.



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G and P rotavirus genotype in stool samples from children in Algeria, 2013-2014


Dr. KHALDI Aldjia

Maître assistante en microbiologie, laboratoire des arbovirus, Institut Pasteur d'Algérie

Société Algérienne de Microbiologie Clinique

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